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Twitter wants you to share more GIFs, that’s why the company is testing a new GIF button inside its mobile app.

Some lucky users are seeing a button that appears between the camera and poll icons inside the Twitter for Android app. We haven’t managed to… [Read more on TechCrunch]

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#mercuriosocialmedia : Circles

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Circles are awesome!

Think about how many wonderful things in nature and in our everyday life, remind us of circles and spheres:

  • the earth, continuously pulled into a spherical shape by gravity;
  • the moon, mysterious and romantic, the only other celestial body on which humans have set foot;
  • the pattern of drops hitting the water of a lake;
  • concentric circles in landscape architecture;
  • crop circles; mathematical fractals;
  • spirals, pirouettes, donuts, footballs, vinyl records…

The list is endless!

One of the most fascinating things about circles, is their curved shape without sharp angles, limitless in their rolling action, capable of fluid movements and communicating continuous energy, endless flow.

Let’s now transfer these characteristics to other concepts, such as: literary circles, social circles and the most sought after “spherical concept” of our modern times: Social Media Circles, not solely intended as circles in the “Google sense”…

When we interact online, sharing news, info, thoughts, photos, art, music, poetry, promoting products and services or simply expressing opinions, we are actually holding an invisible compass, drawing the very first circle of what will end up being the centre of more circles and concentric interactions.

Sending out a tweet, posting a video or sharing a blog post is essentially like drawing that first circle, but it does not end there… Likes, shares, retweets are circles drawn around your original sphere, by your audience, fans, followers.

Think about how powerful your actions are in Social Media terms: just one click and you are able to launch a message to the world, generating interest and potentially spreading your content through an endless series of interactions.

Every time your post gets liked or shared again, the ‘reach radius” extends adding more circles of potential growth around the original concept, without sharp angles or limits as long as:

we “value” the message sent out in that first post/centre/circle as the originator of endless possibilities
we make sure it represents the strategic direction we want to take, develop and manage as a brand.
we choose content quality over content quantity
we stay informative, we share entertaining stories, adding images, videos, emerging tech inputs and layers of depth
we eliminate barriers, aiming at making our concept global
we keep integrity and responsibility, building a solid bridge of trust between us and our audience
we recognize the importance of sharing, we value our audience’s support and we interact with them on a regular basis

“And remember: have fun, be you, be social!” by @LauraLME ~ #mercuriosocialmedia 

The Peace Project’s 5th Annual Call-for-Artists is now open!

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10576994_10204278801029622_6937760224103677357_n  Submitted by: rhfactor

NOW OPEN!!!  The Peace Project’s 5th annual Call-for-Artists

Asking artists worldwide to show us where Peace starts. Is Peace born out of love, community, in the innocence of a child or the beauty of nature? How can we end the senseless war and embrace equality for all? 

In four short years, The Peace Project, supported by artists and others, has:

  • Educated dozens of children in Sierra Leone, Africa.

  • Distributed 10,000 pairs of crutches to amputees, war victims, polio survivors and mothers and children in Sierra Leone on World Peace Day, 2011.

  • Designed a Peace Museum in Sierra Leone in conjunction with the United Nations.

  • Created and produced Peace Tips, specially designed crutch tips that last one year, extend the life of crutches and greatly improve mobility for users.

  • And currently, we’re building 40 houses and a community center in the Philippines for victims of…

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Social Media: “Are you human?”

Are You Human? SM

This is not one of those pieces about Social Media miseducation and the degradation of real human interactions. (Blah blah blah … Boring).  And it’s not a “remix” or remake of the fab 1980’s pop track by The Buggles.

Actually @ #mercuriosocialmedia we don’t believe the hype!  – Social Media definitely did not kill the “human star” – and this article is an inspired answer to a tweet with a simple question, sent as a ‘@‘mention  to my Twitter account: “Are you human?”

Legitimate question, if you think, that so many of our actions online receive automated and automatic replies and responses, most commonly on twitter!

Big brands have fallen into the “automation” trap and some, have failed miserably with their social media strategy. Clients do not want to receive a reply which is “the copy of the copy of the copy” of a message sent to hundreds or thousands of other twitter accounts (and by the way, it clearly shows on the twitter user’s timeline); nobody wants to feel like a number or the showcase of a FAQ, above all as a loyal consumer of products and services.

TRUST is the vital part of any transaction and… automation does not rhyme with trust!

Obviously, it’s difficult for many big brands to reply to every single ‘@’ on a twitter account followed by hundreds of thousands, but here in – #mercuriosocialmedia land – , we strongly believe that automated messages are NOT the answer!

There are other ways to interact with loyal followers/fans/clients: weekly Q&A sessions, “Social Media first responder strategy” (more than happy to explain this as part of our SM Strategy consultation < see contact form)  , designated hashtags to alert the right company’s department, blog posts with “comment option”, FB page posts addressing the issue (if known as being a general one).

At #mercuriosocialmedia we actually suggest to plan/adapt the action to be taken, considering your client’s overall digital marketing strategy and the SM platform to use.

Now… Back to that Q: “Are you human?”   

Countless Social Media “ghost accounts” have invaded the web, human shapes without a face, scheduled tweets/posts/links, automatic RTs… Not really that much fun to read or follow. Although it is possible to have many active online platforms, being able to “infuse” them with a “human touch” is a MUST! 

Having a web presence is a bit like performing, being on stage,  it’s that moment of pure connection, winning against space. Imagine an actor performing at a wonderful theatre, a great piece of prose, beautiful scene… He knows his part but he’s not able to involve the audience, he can’t transform that distance in connection, he does not communicate. Communication is sharing, exchanging, NOT just reciting a piece. 

And now, to answer that Q: Yes, absolutely! I’m human and I LOVE being creative, I am passionate about music, I dance and I write poetry, I like fiction, movies, live concerts, hugs and these invisible but strong wires of communications, sent and received via Social Media.

Have fun and… “Stay human!”


Let’s get the “Social Media record” straight!

lets get the record straight

Let’s face it, not everybody feels the same about Social Media… Internet is a jungle and it can be a very confusing place, with blurry “news lines”, publicity pop ups, invites to monthly payments for “the next amazing online service” and distorted information. It can also become dangerous, like a sort of “catfish” net ready to swallow us.

Social Media can become very stressful  too. Think about the anxiety to be liked, approved, followed, “stumbled upon” and that irrational race towards the “best post ever”, not to mention the amount of “like me” and I will “like you” or “follow me”, “comment on my page”, “read my post”, “buy my book”, “listen to my music”, notice a pattern building up here?… Imperative! All seems like a push and nobody likes to be pushed.


Social Media is actually a social activity, it’s all about “being social”, sharing interests, co-existing with others, not imperatively telling them what to do. There’s enough space for everybody on the web, no need to push! It should be a fluid flow of thoughts and ideas. And the verbs describing social should be: share, express, inform, entertain, teach, learn, remember, connect, meet, create…

At #mercuriosocialmedia we also believe that web presence should be based on clarity, passion and dedication. Selling, buying, reading, liking and following will definitely come as consequences, if you: 

  1. Express yourself in a clear and concise way
  2. Share your passion and interests
  3. Start thinking “we” and stop with “I and me”
  4. Show your creativity
  5. Ignore the siren call of  the “like me and I will like you”
  6. Inform and discover
  7. Listen and interact

What would you add to this list? 


Article by @LauraLME 

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Social Media Quotes

“In a world of digital marketing plans and social media interactions, strategic direction is everything!”

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